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Cartoon Faces 4
Cartoon Faces 5

Evil / Depressed

Cartoon Evil/Depressed

Tired / Confused

Cartoon Tired/Confused

Grumpy / Vicious

Cartoon Grumpy/Vicious

Mad / Sad

Cartoon Mad/Sad
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Muscular Man / Baby / Wrestling

Cartoon Muscle Man/Baby Wrestling

Impact / Reaction

Cartoon Impact/Reaction

Large Lady / Thin Lady / Running

Cartoon Large Lady/Thin Lady Running

Old Lady / Skinny Guy / Throwing 

Cartoon Old Lady/Skinny Guy Throwing
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Weird Al

Caricature Weird Al

Classmate Adante

Caricature Adante


Caricature Me

Conan O'Brien

Caricature Conan O'Brien
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3-D Design/Sculpture


Made with poster board and sticks

Poster Board Spider

Dark Tower

Built from the pages of the book that it's sitting on.

Book Pages Dark Tower


Cardboard and paint

Cardboard Creeper

Abstract Self-Portrait

Cardboard, paint and guitar strings

Abstract Self-Portrait

Game Scene Wall- Hanging

Plywood, wood trim, plaster and poster made from a scene I made in Photoshop.

Physical Game Scene
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Figure Drawing

All in charcoal

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
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