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Isometrics / Game Design

Space Castle

An isometric castle floating through space. 

Juvenile Disaster Franchise

Character franchise for a video game I would like to create sometime.

Isometric Space Castle
Photoshopped Game Cover Art

Juvenile Disaster Game

Design ideas for the same game.  My parts were the Art Bible and Mechanics Overview

Drawn Game Cover Art
Graphic Design

Collage Poster 

My son and me rocking out South Park style.  With orcs and a dragon for an audience.

Collage Poster

Value Posters

3 posters with different emotional tones using value changes.

Color Values Posters

Game Scene

A scene I made for a game using my guitar, my son and various pictures from games.

Photoshop Game Scene


The idea here was to take two contrasting ideas and color schemes and make them work.


Warm colors

Minecraft Scene

Cool colors

Color Contrast Poster
Color Poster Warm
Color Poster Cool

Dark Tower Day

The way I picture Stephen King's tower appearing during the day in the desert of Midworld.

Dark Tower Daytime

Dark Tower Twilight

The much cooler version of the tower as night falls.

Dark Tower Twilight

2D Illustrations

Photoshop Projects

Fear andLoathing

Me in a shot from my favorite movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Photoshop Project


A photo of one of my favorite bands turned into a painting. 

Psychostick Photo Alteration

Food Self-Portrait

Me made out of fruits and vegetables.

Self-Portrait with fruit

Lifewar Movie Poster

Featuring me, my son, Jack Black and Claptrap.  Name courtesy of Demon Hunter

My Movie Poster


My cupboard with things in it.  The KoolAid Man also made an appearance.

Cross-Section of my cupboards
Anchor 3
Anchor 4
Vector Drawing

Mosh Pork

Comic strip about pork


Spawn-Inspired Scene

Just a vector environment with a Spawn-inspired character and theme



Vector portrait of Maria Brink from In This Moment

Maria Brink Portrait

Goose of Tsushima

I was eading through a Game Informer and came across this great idea for a game on the cover of the Game Infarcer.  It inspired me to make this.

Goose of Tsushima Scene
Anchor 5

My new line of mashup illustrations! 

I'll continue to add to this section regularly.

Freddy vs. Logan

The epic Battle of the Claws begins.


The World Needs PVMetal

My very first mashup: Me in the album cover for Megadeth's The World Needs a Hero!

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