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Obscured Obsession

Looking out my window, it's so beautiful today.

Outside in the lawns all the children sing and play.

Walking out my door, I see my neighbor and I say,

How's it going pal, isn't life so great today.

               I love all people, I see beauty in everyone.

               I can't wait till the day I can share love with my son.

               I walk by homeless people, lots of change for everyone!

               I love the soothing warmth from the rays of the sun.

                              When I was young I was beaten, but that's not a bother.

                              I loved all of the attention from my mother and my father.

                              Kids like to beat and kick me, torture of all kinds.

                              That's ok, I love them all, pay their cruelty no mind.

Walking through my town, the lovely birds up in the sky.

An enchanting beauty stops me just to say hi.

I ask her to dinner, sweet angel, she agrees.

After dining I ask her to come home with me.

               This amazing woman, from the start I know I love her,

               All the great things together we will be.

               Show my love in every way I know how.

               Don't leave honey, we must remain eternally.

                              Don't scream baby, we're forever meant to be.

                              Come down baby, in the basement you will see.

                              All the ones I loved baby, they're all here with me.

                              With you and them I'm whole, we're one perfect entity.

               You scream and run and try to hide, you can't believe these girls all dies.  It's a mystery why none of you see, we belong together for eternity.  You've lost my sight, but not for long.  For you I exist, your love makes me strong.  Pushing through all my loved ones, hanging lifelessly.  In life they didn't understand, but through death they can see, that our love is forever, we are one endlessly.  I see you now, you can't hide, what's that in your hand?  Something you found from my surgical cutting tool stand?  Your gaze is ice to my soul, but I smile, still so sweet.  I know your stare it will soften and mortality we'll defeat.  You stand by my side, with the knife to my head, while I explain to you soon in your death we'll be wed.  So put down the blade honey, you don't want to be cruel.  I know in my heart that you'll-- (slice), (thump).



© Steven Launstein 2016

Digital artwork thanks to pixabay and clipartbest 

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