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Diabolic Descendant


I am your absolute damnation.

I am equipped to kill a nation.

I am your one and only lover.

I am watching you take cover.

               With me you sleep with through the night.

               With you I know my life will light.

               With me you love scream, hug and plead.

               With you I love to watch you bleed.

                              You love me and I love you and I know that we are meant to be.

                              You love me and I hate you and I can't wait till your soul is freed.

I am the slayer of your family.

I am the one who makes you flee.

I am the one you thought would always love you.

I am the demon, take your soul where it belongs to.

               You pledged me love eternally.

               I pledged the same with only glee.

               My passion only grows with anger.

               To my love you'll always be a stranger.

                              I am a lonely fucked up bastard.

                              Death is the only thing I've mastered.

                              Satan's spawn is all I am.

                              Drink human blood to kill again.

I am the one who lives for ages.

I have killed saints, kings and sages.

I am the one, wed many times.

I slay with items of all kinds.

               Why are you always so damn kind?

               I only want to crush your mind.

               Drag your intestines through your lawn.

               I am your lover, the great hellspawn.



© Steven Launstein 2016

Digital artwork thanks to pixabay and clipartbest 

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