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Symphonic Deception


       Let's fuckin' sell out, so we can be rich!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, be a corporate bitch!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, little girls at our shows!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, and be mainstream hoes!

   Let's kill the boybands, and pop star bitches!
   Let's cut theyir heads off, and drop them in ditches!
   Fuck the real fans, they only want the huge crowd.
   Beat their bitch asses, hear 'em cry out loud!

Running through the industry I can't believe that we can be rich and famous so easily.
Who wants to work to make a song, the thought and writing takes way too long.
What are the most popular songs in the world?  Take them, rearrange them, our new album's unfurled!

       Let's fuckin' sell out, be a big pop band!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, and play what's in demand!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, our true friends don't mean shit!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, celebs only in our click!

Hey boy, work hard and play guitar.  Practice and practice, you can be a metal star.
Sure I'll practice, I'll begin today.  Rewriting these songs, rewording what they all say.
What is the meaning of this song?  I don't know, just like it and buy it and come to our show!

       Let's fuckin' sell out, fuck the underground!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, do the popular sound!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, sniff coke all day in pride!
       Let's fuckin' sell out, come on!  It's a free ride!

© Steven Launstein 2016

Digital artwork thanks to pixabay and clipartbest 

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