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Desolate Passion


You and I, we share love infinite.

Know we will never be alone.

You love me with all your heart I'm sure of it.

You know I'll always be your own.

               Oh baby please, just stay with me forever.

               Without you, life is just a cruel joke.

               Our love flows, a great eternal river.

               My heart burns for you, it beats within the smoke.

I come home tonight, enamored in your love.

My greatest desire, surely sent from up above.

You're in the bedroom, I can't wait to see.

I open the door, your new lover sees me.

               Oh baby please, say our love is still forever.

               If this is real, then life is a cruel joke.

               Our love flowed, a soon descending river.

               Now your gaze only makes me want to choke.

                              Fuck you bitch!

                              Your love's just a lie!

                              I'll grab on your throat, and gouge out your eye!

                              Tke a sharp knife, or a dull razor blade!

                              Cut you into pieces, and shit on your grave!

But no, I can't murder, I feel catatonic.

I can't make it happen, the thought makes me sick.

So I pull out a razor, all this heartache is through.

Farewell cruel world, my wrist bleeds, black and blue.

               Oh baby please, our love's not forever.

               Life was hard, but there's no more cruel joke.

               My blood flowed, into the bottom of the river.

               Bet you're glad that I went down in smoke.

                              Now you've moved on in your life, just you and your lover.

                              You forgot I was ever here, but what you will soon discover,

                              Is that I left with a plan, I can move through anything.

                              My soul's back to haunt you, now your sanity I'll be taking.

               Oh baby please, you can't stop me now.

               In life I felt, but in death I am cold.

               My spirit flows anywhere that I want to.

               With no conscience, on your life I take hold.

                              I see your lover bitch, he's dead.  I look and see his blood glows red. 

                              He thinks he's full of rosy shit, but I smell his soul, now his life is forfeit.

                              His blood flows freely from the axe in his grill. 

                              Though I can't touch, with levitation I kill.

                              You're mine now baby, soon you'll wish to be still.

                                             I stick needles in you where they won't kill!

                                             Take all your loved ones, laugh at the blood spill!

                                             Grant you the sight, you can finally see,

                                             I'm the one haunting you for eternity!

               You can run you can hide but you'll always be sorry I died!



© Steven Launstein 2016

Digital artwork thanks to pixabay and clipartbest 

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