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Malicious Divinity


Obey us!

               We're your rulers!

               We tell you what to do and say.

               Obey us!

               We're your masters!

               Take all you have, throw you away.

               Obey us!

               We will bury you!

               Disobey we take all you own.

               Obey us!

               Mighty hypocrites!

               Don't you sin, only we're condoned.

He killed a man or three or four, and now it's time to go to court.

Convicted guilty but insane.  White walls for three years, what a shame.

You smoked some dope, sold a little more.  They find it, beat you out the door.

Convicted guilty with no bail, you'll spend the rest of life in jail.

               Obey us!

               We hate you!

               You love us or there's hell to pay.

               Obey us!

               No freedom!

               Don't make a move without our say.

               Obey us!

               Freeze or we shoot!

               Murder is fine, only with a badge.

               Obey us!

               We love you!

               If you do as told and pay all you have.

"We the people," "in God we trust," those words describe us perfectly.

We of your leaders trust that God will help us make more poverty.

Democracy means we will listen to the words of everyone.

But we don't have to care, do as told or face the gun.

               New president is what we need and everything will start to change.

               Yeah, change one guy and all the other assholes will just rearrange.

               Spending taxes on precious luxuries, while our children starve.

               We dream of peace and equality, while in their image our world is carved.

                              Obey us!



© Steven Launstein 2016

Digital artwork thanks to pixabay and clipartbest 

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