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Q's Mom's Got Back




               Rocks her body


               Fucks Q's mom all night

               Q's mom's got back- all right!

Oh my God, she's back again.

The way she sucks is gonna make you sing.

Got the tuna flavor, and she'll show you how.

Got a stiff for her, then she'll spil it now.


               Can I stuff her butt?


               Can all my friends get some?


               Is the cost real low?


               It don't matter who you are, you can rock her body now.

               (chorus)- All right!

Now you can shoot your load on her anywhere.

Stick it in her ear, 'cause she just don't care.

If you wanna party, just call her in.

She'll come on her knees with a great big grin.




(Chorus) - All right!

(Chorus) (minus last line)

Just know that it's not tight!

Digital artwork thanks to pixabay and clipartbest 

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