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Ode to a Wonderful Life


Boredom taking over senses and leeching your soul?
Don't rip out your hair or drill your nose a new hole.
Afraid that you lover just can't fill your void?
Done all the drugs you can handle and still feel annoyed?
Sick of the assholes, condescending powertrips?
Sick of your life and all it represents?
Sick of people talking-talking-talking like a never-ending stream-
Of word, or just noises, that make you want to scream?
Sick of all the bullshit that fills up this world,
Dulls all your senses and makes your soul hurl?

   I can solve your problems, all your thoughts of white walls.
   I can stop the pain of life gripping at your balls.
   Just take heed to my words, and do as I say.
   If you do as told, you can make them all pay.

       Start with your toes to make sister weep.
       Sew them in tight through her hair while she sleeps.
       Remember the biggest jock bully in class?
       Knock him out, shove your dismembered foot in his ass.
       The evil girlfriend who continues to linger?
       Hang a charm in her car, giving a perpetual finger.
       Decapitated head lands on your parents' bed.
       I could tell you more but, well, now you're dead. 

© Steven Launstein 2016

Digital artwork thanks to pixabay and clipartbest 

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