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Altruistic Damnation


Eternal suffocation is the start of castigation.
As I feel intoxication then begins the molestation.
Process of elimination by the damned's approximation.
As I feel insemination from the demons of castration,
My eternal desecration becomes absolute damnation.

   Why.. Do I deserve this?
   Who.. Condemned me to this?
   When.. Did my life come to this?
   Where.. Was I when fate made the twist?
   What.. Can I do to halt this endless pain?

My flesh is torn asunder as my spirit's taken under.
Many demons scrap and plunder, my soul cries for peaceful slumber.
Though my time feels very numbered, days will never be encumbered.
Is there a reason that I'm here?  Is there something I should see?
There has to be a purpose, I'm as pure as can be.

   Why? Eternal suffocation.
   Who? Gave me intoxication.
   When? Began the elimination.
   Where? Was I when gripped by Satan.
   What? Can be done to escape this pit.

       I know I don't deserve this, all I've done was in God's service.
       All the sinners I have punished, were for His holy name.
       My place is in the highest seat in Heaven.
       Every moment here is more of the same.
       Soon He will notice his mistake,
       And sent me up to where the Angels sing my name.
       I am surrounded by those that I righteously slaughtered,
       I tell them they are welcome, they tear me apart again.

© Steven Launstein 2016

Digital artwork thanks to pixabay and clipartbest 

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