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Animation and Film

3-D Animations 1

Airplane Abduction

My first actual 3-D animation, and one of my favorites even in its simplicity.

Truck Monsters

Meant to be used for various shots for a larger trailer-type video.

Modern Fantasy

This did not turn out quite as I envisioned, but it was the best I could do in the time I had.


Just an animation showing an example of fractals for Art of Geometry class.


Turntable for my electronic drums model

Absolute Horror

A scene idea for a potential FPS / RPG game

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3-D Animations 2

Captain Chunk

Made to demonstrate some of the principles of animation.

Ibanez Product

A model of my 7-String guitar made into a product commercial video

Strength Test

A strong man using a strength test at a carnival.

Cannon Shot

Demonstrates the use of massFX in 3DS Max.

Deadpool Flip

An animation of the flip that Deadpool does during the opening scene of the first movie.

Deadpool Dialogue

Free model called Mery miming a line from the first Deadpool movie.


Water made in 3D in 3DS Max, with my Grand Prix model floating by

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2-D Animations

Flour Sack

My first fully hand-drawn animation

Capital Punishment Animatic

Animatic for an animation I may finish at some point.


My final project for 2-D Animation.  Done almost entirely in Photoshop.

Stationary Bike Animatic

An animatic for an animation or film adaptation of Stephen King's story, 'Stationary Bike.'

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After Effects VFX

AC Animation

Just a quick animation for the Assassin's Creed logo


It includes Splosions! 

Michael Bay approved! (I assume)

Screen Replacement

A video of my kid dancing placed on footage of a computer screen


A portal made in After Effects which goes to another dimension...

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Music Videos


My music video for the song Elements by Hollow Drive

SBM Music Vid

This is a music video I made for Rucka Rucka Ali, but using royalty-free music until he officially releases it.  The final will also have a higher-quality picture.

SBM Final

Placeholder for the final video once it's released

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Waking Bad

What happens when you doze off in class.  Always the worst part of school.

A story of murder on the campus, plus a little hand stroking.

Campus Calamity

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Portfolio Videos

Night of the Grand Prix

Spoooooky video for my Grand Prix Diner scene.


My Waves video mixed with my Biotower video, and polished up for my portfolio.

Ibanez Show

New, improved version of my Ibanez video.

Splosions!! 2.0

New, shorter version of Splosions! mixed with my Strength Test animation.

Elements Portfolio

Shortened and polished version of my Elements video for my portfolio.

Demo Reel

My final demo reel for use in my portfolio.

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